The SECRET to our brand is the idea of you simply being you.

We want you to express your individuality through your own personal style.

Make your own rules.


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White Set - Legging -002 PNM


The day-to-night obsession continues. Whether you chose our cooling cotton or our animal-friendly leatherette our leggings are the real thing. Comfort meets quality meets value.


On the rise crews or hidden low cuts, we focus on the experience and not the style. We want you to feel comfy and make the sock the statement of your identity.

A Secret so stylish...

Black is always a must whether you’re a fashionista or a minimalist. It’s the basic needs to complete the look in any season. We also bring colour and patterns for those party looks!




Be free in your own skin. And on the days you need to control your curves we’ve got you covered. Shape your silhouette for that perfect look. We’re conscientious-ready.


Wear our sheers with confidence, today with that lacey dress and stilettos and tomorrow with your fave hoodie, a wide-leg pant and your high tops. Make it real.

Secret Mentions

I love 'em and I just know you'll love 'em too!

Meredith Shaw

My wife’s all time favourite tights…the best ever made by Secret legwear she says. 😉 


We design Secret with the latest innovations and layer in the on-trend styles

Claudia Jaroudi, Director of Merchandising

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