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It's Under Control!

August 27, 2013


Montreal– Every woman’s closest needs a couple of shapewear staples that help to make clothes look absolutely perfect.  But not all shapewear is created equal. Some pieces wilt after just a couple of wears while others feel overly constricting.  But thanks to a pioneering new fibre, the Under Control by Secret line is capturing ultimate shaping power while providing plenty of comfort. 

The Under Control by Secret line is designed with Lycra Beauty. Lycra Beauty garments meet demanding performance standards that are based on scientifically determined metrics- that define the ability of shaping fabrics and garments to offer both shaping effect and comfort. It helps create long, lean lines, gliding over the body and adhering to curves without creating an overly tight sensation that gets uncomfortable after a couple of hours. 


A trim waist isn’t just the stuff of dreams and 18th century fashions.  It can effortlessly be achieved with the help of the Under Control Multi-Shaper for waist, tummy, bum and thigh areas.  The shaper gently cinches the waist, while firming and smoothing the tummy area.  Thanks to a comfortable, stay-in-place band that won’t roll; a feminine hour-glass silhouette can be created from morning to night in total comfort.  This high waist multi-shaper is available as a tight with a luxurious 70 denier opaque leg or as 20 denier, light-as-air, sheer pantyhose.  Tights are available in black, while the pantyhose is available in black and nude.  


When choosing shapewear that will create sleek, curvy lines under body-conscious clothing, women want pieces that deliver in more than one area.  Secret’s Under Control Multi-Shaper for tummy, bum and thighs, lifts and sculpts the bum, while trimming and taming thighs and beautifully flattening the stomach. Available as a 70 denier opaque tight and a 20 denier sheer pantyhose, the close-fitting fabric comfortably accentuates the positive in order to create a youthful-looking figure that can slip into any style of clothing.  This shaper is also available as a sleek legging, allowing women to embrace a popular trend that puts legs at the front and centre of a look.  Tights and leggings are available in black, while the pantyhose is available in black and nude. 


The entire Under Control by Secret collection retails for under $16 and is available at major retailers nationwide.


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