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Montreal – Spring is in the air and with it comes some of the year’s prettiest trends. But who wants to pair lovely looks with drab pantyhose? Inspired by three types of women who love to get a leg up on fashion, Secret’s Spring Fashion Hosiery Collection is showcasing three styles of beautiful, textured hosiery that let you express your fashion sense with personality and panache. 

Trend Topper
Heads turn when she walks down the street. Her avant-garde, edgy style is the perfect, effortless embodiment of this moment’s hottest looks. The bold pattern of Secret’s Diamond Lace-up pantyhose keeps in step with her fashion choices, helping to create an eye-catching, trendy look that is all her own. Available in Black and Slate.

A True Classic
From the top of her chignon to the tip of her patent pump, she is a true classic. But don’t think her timeless style merits a yawn. Secret’s Medium Dot pantyhose bring a retro twist to an outfit, transforming it into a modern, exciting look. Available in Black and Antique White.

Isn’t She Romantic?
From gauzy A-line skirts to pastel dresses with thigh-high hemlines, it’s only natural to fall head over heels for a woman who embraces a romantic style of dressing. Secret’s Floral Faux pantyhose adds a touch of understated texture to her look, creating a match that was made in style heaven. Available in Black, Antique White and Sandstone. The Floral Faux pattern is also available in an ultra-feminine thigh-high style and comes in Black and Antique White.

Enjoy one style or enjoy them all, this season Secret’s Spring Fashion Hosiery Collection is letting you express yourself with flair!

The Spring Fashion Hosiery Collection retails for under $10 and is available at major retailers nation-wide.

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